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About Us


MISSION STATEMENT:  Our Mission Statement is to teach the game & promote the love of football to youth, while teaching them life lessons and Biblical principles about the values of hard work, giving their best effort, competition, and teamwork.


CORE VALUES:  Academics, Integrity, Character, Respect, Effort, and Teamwork. 


WHO WE ARE:  We are a Christian recreational youth football organization that exists to teach the game to kids who want to play and to teach life lessons through Christian Biblical principles.  Any child who wants to play with us only needs to sign up and will play with us as long as our roster is not full.  We do not have tryouts to make the team and we do not have cuts based on talent or ability.  We believe we can teach the game to any child that is willing to work hard and learn and we believe that all players can contribute to the team in a constructive way.  All players will play in each game.


WHO WE ARE NOT:  We are not a select team and we do not play year-round football or out-of-season tournaments.  We do not have tryouts to make our team and we do not cut kids from the team for perceived lack of ability or talent.


The Hewitt Broncos were originally formed in 2013 and consisted of the 8U tackle team and the 6U flag team. Today, we have a 6U flag team, 8U tackle, 10U tackle, and 12U tackle, along with two cheer squads.  Our program has grown from the original 24 kids to over 90 each season.  


Our goal is to redefine the youth football experience for our players and their families.  What we believe sets us apart from other typical youth sports teams is that we have an academic accountability program to encourage the youth to put school first.  We also have a Biblically-based character development program that reinforces the importance of the individual character of each person and provides lessons on many character traits, including integrity, teamwork, coachability, compassion, and courage, to name a few.  For more information about our academic or character development programs, click on the respective tab.


We want to foster an environment where the players become close friends with their teammates and the families of our players become close friends with each other and that the friendships are not limited to football season.  The Broncos do not practice on Sundays or Wednesdays; many families attend church activities on these days and we encourage that.






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