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We are proud of our Academic Accountability Program and believe we are the only youth program in the Greater Waco area with such a program.  We believe that education is one of the most important and vital things our youth can get and we strive to encourage academics first.  A very small percentage of athletes go to college on athletic scholarships, and even fewer go pro.  As youth coaches, we realize the influence we can have on young lives and take that responsibility seriously.  


Our Academic Accountability Program is voluntary if you, as a parent, want your player on it.  Once on the program, we will ask you to speak to your child's teacher about the program and how it works.  Each week, the teacher will send an email to us that rates your player's behavior in class and effort toward their work.  You also send us an email each week with your rating for them on their behavior at home and their effort on their homework.  We discuss with each player what feedback we received for the week.  Any rating below a 4, and the player will have consequences such as running, pushups, bear-crawls, or whatever the consequence is for the week.  Players who maintain a 4 or 5 average rating between school and home for the duration of the season will be recognized at the end of season banquet.  Players who maintain all A's for the duration of the season will also be recognized at the end of the season and will receive a Broncos Academic Champion trophy.

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